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We know that not all autobody shops are created equal. At Courtesy Collision Centre, we aim to prove ourselves as one of Regina’s most competent and capable autobody repair companies. We know that the best way to do this is to simply deliver results that our clients can depend on.




We provide a complete range of autobody services, from dent repair (including paintless dent repair) to complete restoration and repaints. Our most popular services include:

  • Bumper cover replacement, repairs, and repainting - When you get into a fender bender it’s usually your bumpers that take the brunt of the impact. Our team will repair or replace your bumpers (as needed) and get them looking new.

  • Fender and quarter panel repairs - Behind bumpers, fenders and rear quarter panels are the most common parts of your vehicle that need repair in a collision. Don’t worry, we’ve got this down to a science.

  • Hood repairs and replacements - You guessed it: after bumpers and fenders, hoods are the next most common item requiring repair after a collision. We can usually repair your hood and get it looking new, but if not, we’ll replace it with a new one.

  • Headlights, tail lights, and intricate body panels - When you rear-end someone, your bumper, hood, and headlights tend to take the brunt of the impact. If we can salvage your current headlights we will, otherwise we will replace them with OEM equipment to ensure proper fit and functionality.

  • Paint work - It’s one thing to be able to repair and replace body panels, and another thing entirely to get the new or repaired panels looking like they’ve always been on your vehicle. Our paint experts will blend any repainted sections so they look like they’ve always been there. That’s what we call a great repair!


Whether you’ve been in a few accidents or this is your first one, the process can feel a little strange if you aren’t sure what to expect. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! First, if you’ve just been in an accident, here’s what to do.

  1. First, before bringing your vehicle to us for repair, you need to file a police report (if relevant) and notify SGI. File a claim and get your claim number and any other information provided by SGI.

  2. Get an estimate - Before we begin working on your vehicle, we assess your vehicle and give you a comprehensive written estimate. This outlines everything we’ve identified that requires repair, how long we think it will take, and any costs associated.

  3. Schedule your repair - Once you approve our estimate we will schedule your repair. Most of the time we can take your vehicle right away. If not, we’ll book a date that’s close and convenient for you.

  4. If needed, obtain a rental vehicle - We can provide you access to a loaner vehicle for the duration of the repair. Please ask us when you schedule your service.

  5. While the repair is underway - The duration of the repair varies based on the level of work required. Minor touch-ups require significantly less time than serious repair work. We will provide timeline expectations when you drop your vehicle off. If you ever need a status update, simply give us a call.

  6. Inspect your vehicle and take it home - When the repair is complete we will notify you and arrange a date for pick-up. Prior to taking the keys we will walk you through the work that was done and give you the opportunity to inspect it. Once you give us your approval we’ll finish the remaining paperwork, collect your deductible, and send you home with your vehicle looking good as new!

  • Do you use aftermarket or OEM parts? We use both! In general, we will use OEM parts as needed. However, if we feel an aftermarket part will provide comparable fit and finish while also saving on costs, we will present this option to you.

  • How long do most repairs take? This varies. A simple PDR job may only take a few hours and be completed in a morning or afternoon; a rebuild of your vehicle's entire front end may take several weeks (depending on parts availability and the nature of the work). We will provide an estimate prior to drop-off so you have a clear expectation of when and where.

  • Can you match my paint colour exactly? In most cases, yes. In some situations, such as when the sun has significantly faded the paint on surrounding panels, we may not be able to get an exact match. In these cases we will blend the borders that are on neighbouring panels so that the colour transition isn’t noticeable.

  • Do I have to get the repair performed through SGI? For most collisions, yes. If your autobody repair is not the result of a collision then insurance involvement may not be necessary. If you are unsure, please call us and we will provide next steps.


Only quality after-market, recycled, remanufactured or OEM parts will be used to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle is the current model year, or you carry replacement cost coverage under an auto extension policy, only OEM parts will be used.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (306) 522-5800 or fill out the following form

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